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Original Shahrizoda member Muborak Ashurboeva has starred in an Uzbek film or two, and a couple of music video clips. I have compiled this for anybody who is interested.


"Panoh" Uzbek film starring Muborak

Title: Panoh (English: The Bodyguard)
Country: Uzbekistan
Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Ulug’bek Qodirov, Farruh Soipov, Gulchehra Eshonqulova, Muborak Ashurboeva
Plot: A wealthy man hires two bodyguards, one a former paratrooper (Qodirov) and the other just released from prison (Soipov), to protect his two daughters, Gulnoza (Ashurboeva) and Dilnoza (Eshonqulova). Whilst at first the girls, especially Gulnoza, are reluctant to accept their fate, they soon realise how lucky they are to have the two young men in their lives…

Jess’s Thoughts: I actually watched this movie, WITHOUT subtitles! I don’t think English subtitles exist. I don’t even think Russian subtitles exist, although they may have dubbed the film in Russian (as I’ve noticed on YouTube with several other Uzbek films). Not that Russian subtitles would have helped me either ha ha. Anyway, despite not being able to understand the majority of the dialogue, it was a good film! Quite funny. It was interesting getting a glimpse into Uzbek culture. I recognised almost all of the formal and informal greetings they used (like, Yaxshimisiz?) and when they were apologising (kechirasiz) or saying thank you (rahmat). But it’s amazing how much of the plot and dialogue you understand, just by the gestures, expressions and actions of the leading characters. Oh, and of course, perfectly placed ominous music so you know when you’re viewing the bad guy 😉

It reminded me of loads of early 90’s Bollywood films I’ve seen – overdramatic scenes, facial expressions, the re-recording of dialogue in the studio so sometimes what they’re saying doesn’t quite match up with their mouths. In one scene, they even had the piano playing the theme song from 2003 Hindi film Kal Ho Naa Ho! The only thing this Uzbek film didn’t have was the crazy and colourful song and dance numbers that Bollywood is famous for.

So overall, I would recommend you watch this movie. It is available to watch online, not sure if a DVD exists, might have to travel to Uzbekistan for that! Ideally, English subtitles would be nice because there were some scenes where I desperately wanted to know what they were talking about. But anyway, if you want to see Muborak in a film, you’ll enjoy it! Her character is hilarious.


Muborak has starred in two Uzbek music video clips, and two clips associated with an Uzbek film.

  • Afsusdaman” by Manzura. This music clip features scenes from Panoh and is also played at the start of the movie (at least on the version I watched!).
  • Sen yengilding” by Manzura. I’m led to believe this is from the soundtrack of the 2011 Uzbek film Er bermoq – Jon bermoq (also starring the very cute Ulug’bek Qodirov!) as it contains scenes from the film, and it looks as though Muborak has a minor role. However I can’t really find out much about this film. Will update if I find out more!
  • Yana sensiz” by Davron Ergashev. Muborak’s part in the song’s clip is a flight attendant, who sees a man she used to love at the airport…
  • Yor yor” by Ozoda Saidzoda. Muborak’s role is bittersweet – you will have to watch!