This website is brought to you by Jess and Khairun, two Shahrizoda enthusiasts who live on different continents – Jess from Avstraliya (Australia) and Khairun from Malayziya (Malaysia). We both have different stories as to how we discovered the talented Shahrizoda, and it was in December 2013 that we came into contact through our mutual love of the group and o‘zbek tili (Uzbek language). We decided creating a small fansite would be a great way of sharing our love for Shahrizoda with the entire dunyo (world)!

If you have any questions, queries, comments, anything you would like to add to the site, please get in touch with us, or alternatively, comment below! We welcome all contributions.

We do not guarantee that the information displayed here is correct, nor do we have any direct contact with Shahrizoda. This is simply a fansite. All rights reserved and copyright infringement is not intended.

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  1. That lovely ‘Yor Yor’ video in your link could do with updating to make it better sound quality. I’m happy to do that for you free and gratis (because it’s a fantastic song) but I need Shahrizoda’s permission first to use the visuals from their original video. Any chance you could chase that up for me? I was working in Tashkent at around the time the group was first formed … did they do a gig at the Caravan in Tashkent or somewhere in that part of town at that time? I heard something of that ilk, but I can’t remember if it was them or not. Many blessings.

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