Bilat tilayman – 2007

Album and song titles originally in Uyghur Arabic script and have been converted to Latin script. The Uzbek and English titles (if known) are also given. The English title has been translated from the Uzbek title. As a general rule, the Uzbek title is either a translation of the Uyghur title, or is simply taken from a phrase or word that is spoken in the song.

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Bilat tilayman – 2007 (I have also seen the title of this album written as ‘Baxt tilash’)

# Uyghur title Uzbek title English translation Language Notes
1 Baxt tilash Xayr sevgi Goodbye, Love Uzbek
2 Yarman Yorman Uzbek
3 Yarigulla Yorigulla Uyghur (?) We are not 100% sure if the word yorigulla is even an Uzbek word at all!
4 Hijran Armon Armon Uzbek The word armon in Uzbek means “regret, unfulfilled wish”. The Uyghur word hijran is possibly the same as the Uzbek word hijron, meaning ‘separation, exile’.
5 Muhebbet Muhabbat Love (Song) Uzbek, with some Uyghur influence This song takes the melody of the Turkish song “Leylim Ley”, sung by Zülfü Livaneli.
6 Almihan Almihan Mandarin Traditional Uyghur folk song.
7 Güli Guli Flower Mandarin  
8 Mening qelbim Mening qalbim My Heart Uzbek or Uyghur  
9 Dardim Yolg’iz seni You Are Alone Uzbek This is a remake of a Turkish song called “Çalkala” by Seden Gürel. The Uyghur translation means ‘My Sorrow’ which is quite different to the translation of the Uzbek title.
10 Qizil gül Qizil gul Red Rose Uyghur (?)  
11 Pushayman Zor etma Doomed Need Uzbek The Uyghur title is a Persian word that means ‘regretful’ or ‘sorry’.
12 Toy nakhshisi To’y naqshisi Wedding Song Uzbek with Uyghur influence The word for song in Uzbek is actually ‘qo’shiq’ but in this song the girls choose the Uyghur word, ‘nakhshisi’ (written in Uzbek as ‘naqshisi’).

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