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    • Hi Munam,
      There isn’t much I know! πŸ™ At this link: (it’s in Chinese, but you can use Google to translate) there is a link to an Uzbek news article from 2009, about Muborak being married. But the link doesn’t work anymore!

      It’s really hard to find any information about the girls because Uzbekistan doesn’t really have free press or a lot of media coverage accessible outside of the country.

      Sorry I can’t be much help!!

  1. Ok thanx but muborak also is in film muhabbat devori which is released 2013 but the film print is so poor.
    in the panoh film i think that aziza is also present which is a long hair girl.
    Can you tell me about more films in which aziza is cast.????
    In the shahrizoda songs aziza voice is so beautiful.

    • Oh wow, thank you for letting me know! There are two other films I know she’s starred in as well, that I need to write about.
      I’ve also just found out her married name! Jamolxonova πŸ™‚

      As for Aziza, I don’t know if she has acted in any films. I didn’t know she was in ‘Panoh’ – I watched that film, I might have to watch it again and see if I can find her!

      She does have a lovely singing voice πŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have much information about the current line-up, or even about original Shahrizoda member ‘Shahnoza’. Uzbekistan does not have free press/media, and it’s really difficult to find out anything about their singers unless they are big stars like Lola, Shahzoda or Ulug’bek Rahmatullayev. If I ever find anything, I will definitely post it πŸ˜€

  3. Hi, Admin hope you are fine. I am in china could you please tell me where they live in Urumqi because its convenient for me to go to Urumqi. I am fan of them so if possible i would love to meet them in real.

    Kind Regards,
    Intikhab Ahmad

  4. Hi Intikhab, thanks for your comment!
    Unfortunately I don’t have any contact details for the girls – and furthermore, I do not believe they live in ÜrΓΌmqi anymore πŸ™ I am fairly positive the current line-up lives exclusively in Uzbekistan.
    Sorry I can’t be of much help!

    Have a good day,
    Cheers, Jess

  5. Hi admin! The unknown girl was from Xinjiang Urumchi city and name is Sarvar, and the new group members and one old member Shahnoza are living in Uzbekistan. Their producer Sadulla had problems with his partner in Xinjiang Anwar Mahmud, then they leaved China!

    • Hi Counter, yes, I did make a post about Aziza being married to Ulug’bek! I’ve seen him in the movie ‘Panoh’ which also stars Muborak. I figured Muborak is married because she is not in the group. Maybe Shahnoza doesn’t want to be married, and keep singing? All the power to her πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Asif Khan –
    Uzbekistan is an Islamic country, so it is likely that yes, they are Muslim, however Islam is very secular and so their traditions and culture will be different to other Muslim countries πŸ™‚ For example, not every woman wears the hijab/headscarf. I hope this helps!

  7. Hi James! Hopefully you see this comment. I have no idea if Muborak is a mother or not. Very little media is accessible from outside Uzbekistan. It does seem that women have children quite soon after getting married, and she has been out of the group for a long time. It is possible to assume that yes, she has.

  8. I heard many complains about original members when I showed their videos to both Uyghurs and Uzbeks. Uzbeks said “It is not Uzbek, I merely understand plot of the song”, and Uyghurs told “it is not perfect Uyghur, it sounds like Uzbek.” I was confused they are real Uzbek or Uyghur or even Kazakh or Kyrgyz?? Maybe Turkmen, Azeri? Even Turkish????

    • Hi Alim – Haha! That’s funny. I am pretty sure they are Uzbek, not Uyghur. The varying comments could be because the girls have often sung traditional Uyghur folk songs and that might sound a little strange to native Uzbek-speakers and native Uyghur-speakers – the Uyghurs may think they have an accent (which they probably do) and the Uzbek-speakers might not immediately recognise they are singing in Uyghur as the languages are so similar. Who knows really. But no, just judging by the girl’s names, the fact they are exclusively based in Uzbekistan now, and that the posts of Shahnoza S and Gulnoza on Instagram are either in Uzbek or Russian, leads me to deduce that most, if not all of Shahrizoda’s girls, are ethnically and nationally Uzbek. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Admin,
    First of all thanks for this unique initiative…
    I’m from India, though I can’t speak Uzbek; but I can understand it pretty much because I’ve spent few days in Uzbekistan! I’m a great lover of music. Everyday I used to listen beautiful numbers from Shahrizoda on YOUTUBE. My favourite song is ‘Yorigulla..’.Even my 6years old daughter too like Uzbek music.
    Please tell me any source from where I can download all the videos from Shahrizoda in HD….
    Thanks again.

  10. Hi Abhijit, thanks for your message! Glad you like the site πŸ™‚
    Oh wow, that’s awesome you recently spent some time in Uzbekistan! That’s cool your young daughter likes them πŸ™‚
    I actually don’t have a source you can download their videos, I’m sorry πŸ™
    Jess (admin)

  11. That lovely ‘Yor Yor’ video in your link could do with updating to make it better sound quality. I’m happy to do that for you free and gratis (because it’s a fantastic song) but I need Shahrizoda’s permission first to use the visuals from their original video. Any chance you could chase that up for me? I was working in Tashkent at around the time the group was first formed … did they do a gig at the Caravan in Tashkent or somewhere in that part of town at that time? I heard something of that ilk, but I can’t remember if it was them or not. Many blessings.

  12. Hi greenbaret, that’s Muborak. I don’t think she has an Instagram or Facebook that I am aware of, I’m sorry πŸ™ She has appeared in a few films, you might be able to watch her in them – google ‘Muborak Ashurboeva’ or ‘Muborak Jamolxonova’. Cheers, Jess (admin)

  13. Hi Admin long time no see.
    I will visit Uzbekistan this month and will try to find out old members of Sharizoda via my human resources(?)
    Last few years I have made good relations with local Uyghur community and would like to ask them if they know one
    of them. I will try to interview them and hope to figure out are they really ethnically Uyghur.
    I will soon give you news!!

  14. Dear Admin.
    My name is Engr. Mohamed Abu Sayed. I am from Bangladesh. I am engaged in private energy sector business as IPP holder.
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  15. Hi Anonymous, unfortunately Shahnoza’s Instagram no longer exists. The one that used to be hers was recently hacked and is now a mobile accessory outlet. Before this though, she had little photos of her life, any pictures of her you couldn’t see her face. I was lucky to have saved many photos from when she shared pictures and the names of the Shahrizoda ladies.

  16. hello there, so sad that i found this group of girls so lateeee! And there’s quite a few information of the original members. Anyway, thanks for creating this blog, i could get in touch a bit with them πŸ™‚

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