Original member Shahnoza is married!

It’s been a LONG time between posts and I must apologise for that – I’m not even sure who, if anybody, is reading my website!

Shahnoza Shakirova, one of the original members of Shahrizoda, got married sometime in 2018. This definitely explains why she is no longer a member of the group. She posted a few of these photos to her Instagram and several were found via somebody else’s page. She looks beautiful! Tabriklaymiz!

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One thing I have noticed about Shahnoza’s Instagram is that she deleted everything related to Shahrizoda on it, and only posts Islamic-related messages these days. She wears the hijab, doesn’t show her face, and dresses modestly post-marriage. I don’t know whether this is by her own choice and in accordance with her faith, or something else – however that is none of my business, but it is interesting seeing the contrast. In some photos it looks like she has visited Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). I’m not sure if she lives in Uzbekistan anymore! I truly wish her every happiness and hope she and her husband are doing well. In fact, her latest profile picture on Instagram is of a small baby, so perhaps she is pregnant? I’m not sure if we will ever know for sure. Be blessed, Shahnoza, we miss your lovely singing voice and friendly face!

3 thoughts on “Original member Shahnoza is married!

  1. Just so u know, whoever is posting their news still! I am still reading and really appreciate ur effort in updating and making this website full of them with ur own character inside as well. It’s very lovely to read. Just a huge thank you to u!

  2. Hi Anonymous, unfortunately Shahnoza’s Instagram no longer exists. The one that used to be hers was recently hacked and is now a mobile accessory outlet. Before this though, she had little photos of her life, any pictures of her you couldn’t see her face. I was lucky to have saved many photos from when she shared pictures and the names of the Shahrizoda ladies.

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