Original member Shahnoza is married!

It’s been a LONG time between posts and I must apologise for that – I’m not even sure who, if anybody, is reading my website!

Shahnoza Shakirova, one of the original members of Shahrizoda, got married sometime in 2018. This definitely explains why she is no longer a member of the group. She posted a few of these photos to her Instagram and several were found via somebody else’s page. She looks beautiful! Tabriklaymiz!

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Photoshoot – May 2017

Back in May (at least, that’s when they were posted!) the current line up of Gulnoza, Shahnoza Y and Risolat had a photoshoot coloured in oltin (gold).

This may have been connected with their performance at Aziz va Muqaddasan Ayol concert this year, where the girls sang and performed a Michael Jackson tribute. I will have a video of this soon.

I will be posting more photos that I have of the girls (different line-ups) so look out for them.

Gulnoza, Shahnoza Y and Risolat

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Baby news: Aziza and Ulug’bek

Baby (chaqaloq) news! Back in 2014, Aziza gave birth to a baby girl, presumably her first with husband actor Ulug’bek Qodirov.

Aziza and Ulug'bek with their baby girl Iymona

Ulug‘bek Qodirov ma’murining ma’lum qilishicha, qizaloqqa Iymona, deb ism qo‘yishgan. Iymona 1-aprel — Xalqaro hazil kunida soat 18:20 da Toshkent tibbiyot akademiyasida dunyoga kelgan.

Source: Tarona.net (UZ)

To paraphrase the above text into English, the couple named her Iymona, which means ‘faith’. She was born at the Tashkent Medical Academy on the 1st of April 2014 at approximately 6.20pm. This will mean that this year their little girl will be three years old! Time flies…

A very delayed congratulations, but – tabriklaymiz Aziza va Ulug’bek!

Ulug'bek and Aziza with Iymona a little older

Ulug’bek and Aziza with their baby girl Iymona, who is looking a little older! Date unknown but probably late 2014.

Former Shahrizoda member Aziza is married!

Aziza and Ulug'bek on their wedding day

When doing some research on the girls a while back, I inadvertently discovered that former Shahrizoda member Aziza was married!

23-aprel kuni aktyor Ulug‘bek Qodirov “Venetsiya” restoranida 6 yildan buyon ko‘ngil qo‘ygan sevgilisi “Shahrizoda” guruhi sobiq xonandasi Azizaxonga uylandi.

Rough English translation: On the 23rd of April (2013) at “Venice” restaurant, actor Ulug’bek Qodirov married his sweetheart, Aziza, former member of the group Shahrizoda.

Source: Fattohhon.com (UZ)

This got me really excited. I then did some more digging and found a couple of photos of the pair. It was definitely one of our original Shahrizoda members, just all grown up! Not only did we now have her real name (no last name as yet), but her husband starred in the film Panoh with other former member Muborak!

Left: Ulug'bek and Aziza attending an event in Uzbekistan; and right, a younger Aziza during her Shahrizoda days

Left: Ulug’bek and Aziza attending an event in Uzbekistan; and right, a younger Aziza during her Shahrizoda days

There is even a video of the wedding. For some reason, a lot of Uzbek weddings of famous actors or actresses are filmed and then put on YouTube. Most of the time, it’s just showing people dancing. Singer Shohruhxon is a special guest (and lip-syncing, as Uzbek performers often do!). At 10 minutes and 40 seconds into the video you can spot Shahnoza dancing, and another girl who has been known to perform as part of the group (see: video for ‘Amira’).

I believe this is Ulug’bek’s second marriage, his first being in 2012 which ended months later.

Enjoy! We wish them every happiness, tabriklaymiz!